No, actually don’t try this at home

“When I see a picture of someone who’s really hugely fat,” Nigella Lawson once told a talk-show host, “I don’t think ‘how hideous’. I think how delicious it must have been to get there”.

Not so Katie Hopkins, who earlier this year embarked on her very own ridiculous “Fat Story“. The conceit*: put on 3-4 stone (that’s about 25 kg) and lose it again to show how easy it is – or rather, that all fat people need is a kick up the arse.

If you haven’t heard of her, this is all you need: she calls herself the biggest bitch in Britain, and was apparently ranked the second most loathed person in the world, after Vladimir Putin. Perfect person for the job, right?

Well I finally watched it, and she is indeed quite loathsome, though I did actually expect to be more irritated than I was. Let’s just say she’s the person who says what a lot of people probably think, but would never say in polite company (or on national television). Watch her here in the quintessential “now I will visit a very fat person to show how disgusting she is” clip:

And did the experience of becoming one of the disgustings, uhm, soften her? Ever so slightly, as she concluded with this:

I still believe I wouldn’t employ a fat person, but I can see that there’s merit in saying things a little more kindly because I understand a little more how hard it is to be fat.

Well yes, and no. Force-feeding yourself up to 6000 calories a day in order to parade your swollen belly on national media can hardly count as genuine experience of being overweight or obese, especially if it lasts for all of a week. And surely also not if you hate every minute of getting there?

Let’s just say that people who actually go into a restaurant serving hamburgers with eight patties probably show (and feel) a little more excitement when it arrives:
KH burger

Oh well. I’m not entirely sure she actually thought her little stunt would fix obesity, or whatever, but it probably won’t. Unless?

NOakes experience

Holy shit. I hope not.

*If ever there was a proper context for the use if this word, this is it.