Hef the Hefty

So the girls of the Playboy mansions are back on television and, incredibly, they are engaging in events that I haven’t yet seen, despite having seen the thing close on (sssh) twenty times.

This time they were celebrating Hef’s (x) birthday, and as “Hef” likes to do every year, there was a Casablanca extravaganza in his honour.

Three of his bunnies snuck off to get his present, and they came back each carrying a parcel almost twice their size.


After the candle blowing, they called Hef to open his not-so-subtle presents. They helped him by unveiling – Surprise! – portraits of themselves.

And – Surprise! – they all looked the same.

Now the bunnies have gone and there is what looks like an hour of discourse on how people in Hollywood wax. Body hair. I must to bed before I absorb a whole lot of information that I don’t need.

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