Gobble gobble


Turkey is a particularly cool word in bowling. When you get a turkey, that means three strikes in a row (I also once had a six-pack, but that’s neither here nor anywhere anymore). Turkey is also the bird you sometimes have left in your freezer after a late Christmas meal, so it was only obvious that late Christmas should meet recent holiday in Franschhoek for some mole poblano, otherwise known as the original chilli-chocolate sauce (on turkey, though the Wiki entry on mole doesn’t mention turkey, but what does wiki know?).

Stage one of the sauce resembles muesli, somewhat:


But the aromas are far from breakfast: think pepper, and anise, and clove, and cinnamon (OK, breakfast), and chilli, and garlic, and nuts and raisins.

The best bit is adding the chocolate to the paste you’ve made out of the above, and tomatoes, and stock, and your indispensable Braun handheld kitchen whizzer:


Once the chocolate has melted, it turns from dubious-looking pale brown sludge into a rich, brown (Nigella: gloriously glistening) mole, or molli, or sauce. Slather that on some turkey, or chicken (or whatever), stuff into a taco, and everything becomes pretty much alright. (A state that just a little attention makes surprisingly achievable).