Frying fat

I never thought I would do this, but last night it happened. Tempura avocado.

And while this may look like a general greasy mess, let me assure you, each of these items was deliciously crisp and, if I may say, fried to perfection. The only real problem with frying a number of items at home is that they can’t all be super hot at once (if you want to avoid staggered serving, that is), but if you get the springrolls nice and crispy hot first, they retain their heat pretty well.

The nuggets to the left of the avo are my now second success at raw ginger tempura (which I STILL can’t believe no one else has thought of – the avo is less original).

So what’s deep-fried avocado like? Good crunch on the outside, followed by a creamy and pretty bland flavour which you will recognise as boring avocado. But dip it in a little sauce of wasabi mixed with soya, and you have a clear winner. Add to that a nugget of the ginger, and you’re getting close to Michael Phelps country. Avo, ginger, wasabi, soy, crunch: it’s deep-fried sushi. Just try it.