Fry Day

It’s been a dangerous week. And I’m not sure that the past tense is adequate. I’m in one of those whirlpools of 1000 things to do, 3 of which get half done while the thought of the rest paralyses. So, in lieu of stealing time to write anything interesting, I’ll just hook you up with one or two things of interest. An amouse-bouche, if you will…

This is a recent cartoon from The Sun which was inspired, so we are told, by a “true story”. That story is here. Yes, the junk food controversy continues, and our favourite superhero, Mr. Jamie Oliver, is again fuming. Gotta hand it to him, though. It’s a good way to get noticed.

What would he think if I told him that I am trying desperately to introduce MORE junk food into my diet? It’s true, every time I walk by a KFC I try, I really do. I try to go in and give them my money. But I’m a coward.

However, I have been promised a special meal tonight, to be cooked (perhaps it’s cooking as we speak?) by the mother of a special friend. It’s a leg of lamb. With, I am told, “special” fried potatoes. Ma bouche s’amuse….