Frozen rice isn’t more-ish

In the interests of science, I regret to say that the rice pudding ice cream was not a winner. It was one of those situations where you take two or three perfectly delicious components – rice pudding studded with real vanilla, a rich and creamy custard, and that ROCKING cinnamon toffee sauce – throw them in an ice cream machine, and no magic.

The taste was good, but who actually wants bits of frozen rice in ice cream? The crunch of a nut, the squidge of something marshmallowey, turkish delightey or nougatey, the frozen chocolate chip that becomes chocolate in your mouth, the salt crystal that unexpectedly lifts everything: ok and yum yum. But rice adds nothing but obstacle.

Now I wish I had used the rice pudding for klatkager instead: “blobcakes”, basically little fat ricey pancakes. Imagine those, hot from the pan, with a scoop of ice cream and cinnamon toffee sauce. Now we’re talking.

Oh well. We soldier on, learn from our mistakes (or forget them) and concentrate on more important tasks at hand. It’s time for hot question buns. Dough has been slow-rising overnight in the fridge. The kitchen should be smelling good just as we cruise into Saturday afternoon and the philosophe takes his place on the couch to watch a bunch of men running around after a ball.

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