Dinner for One

Here’s a quick and delicious fix for coming home hungry and not in the mood for “cooking”: rice cakes topped with a few pieces of iceberg, followed by some kind of cheap-ish pepper salami that has been fried gently on a dry pan (for that crispness, you gotta render the fat), followed by thin slices of Edam cheese, followed by some thinly sliced cucumber.

(Useless trivia: in Danish you say “du mÃ¥ da være helt agurk”, meaning “you must be mad”. Cucumbers, therefore, are the essence of madness)

Because I am lucky enough to work at a wine shop, my “leftovers” often consist of a not-so-shabby bottle of wine that may have been opened for tastings in the shop. So to go with the above feast, this very lovely Fairview Viognier, which retails at a price far above what I would pay for wine that I may drink on a Wednesday.

Just a glass, mind you. There is a fine line between the gourmet and the gourmand (epicure vs. glutton).

Oh, I forgot to say in the previous post about the cookies that you can feel free to amend the recipe in the way that Alice Toklas did to her fudge, or brownies, or whatever it was. For you, gourmet (pas gourmand!), this is one way sure way to make everything taste even better.

Enjoy responsibly.

5 Replies to “Dinner for One”

  1. Welcome to the wonderful world of the evening sandwich. My current favourite is:

    2 x toasted whole-wheat rye;
    Add some thinly sliced, pickled, red peppers;
    And a generous amount of German or Danish Emmental.

    Best enjoyed with a light Namibian brewed beer or some Cava brut. Music? Any nu jazz from Scandinavia or just the new Koop.

    All available at the local deli, except the Cava – check Checkers? and the new Koop is available at ‘look and listen’ but here’s the e-card link in the interim.

  2. Sounds good, 302, but I fear I still have to graduate to the Cool Enough to open a bottle of bubbly on my own. Much respect to you.

    (I’m on Gnarls Barkley at the moment. Goes really well with salami.)

  3. Well Gnarls is cool, they own the single of the year in my opinion, and for you to get into it post the event, well that just speaks volumes.

    On my upcoming xmas list post, I plan to discuss champagne stoppers which should help in drinking the bottle more leisurely.

    Anyway, the point is that there is nothing quite like a good, end of the day, meal for one.


  4. I am the daughter of a gadget queen, so I in fact own one of those champagne stoppers. I am probably still intimidated by bubbles meaning “occasion”.

    There is no logic: no good reason not to have an occasion alone, or to not drink bubbly without an occasion (come to think of it I do this often enough in company), and I can’t think of any other drink which I wouldn’t drink alone…habits die hard, and so does Bruce Willis.

  5. Churchill said something along the lines of, ‘I know that I am living if I can afford to drink champagne everyday.’

    That’s my excuse, the ‘I’m living’ bit, although I am sure that we can find an occasion for all drinks bubbly sometime soon.

    Footnote: And take care of young master RK.

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