Conclusion: honey is good

I’m doing one of my favourite things, which is to bake bread in the evening. My lounge is about to be overwhelmed by the smell of baking bread (bread that, contrary to souffle, rises beautifully in my oven), and that is a fine thing on a Wednesday evening.

Someone I know is flying across the skies in one of those big contraptions we know as planes. I hope he is awake to see the nearly-full moon out my window.

That said, it’s time to go look at the bread. The smell is here. But I’ll be saving the tasting for tomorrow, when packed lunch is in order. On the menu tonight: rice cakes with chilli peanut butter, goat’s cheese and cucumber. AND, a drizzle of honey.

Hey. Before you call me wierd, take a look at the chocolate feature in the new Food, Home and Entertaining (‘Here are some of the boldest and most innovative chocolate recipes, and only one of them is a dessert.’). Dark chocolate, Rocket, PIstachio and Gorgonzola Salad with olive oil and honey dressing. I mean, really.