One response to “This is what a cherry looks like”

  1. dear PRUDENCE

    huh? i’ve been on the prudent diet all my life.. i weigh 97lbs.

    ?! wasn’t for a little red wine i’d be having trouble in a competition with the average sized paperweight.

    yes, i read the article.

    maybe the prude diet’s changed over the decades? not.

    i do look like a kid.. no wrinkles yet but grey hair.. folks think i’m following that ‘color trend’ for locks.

    i’m 57 yrs old. many think i’m in my early 30s now. finally breaking that 25 yr old barrier i’ve had since i was… well, 34.


    it works for me. i have malignant hypertension, inherited so i’m a bit stuck.

    the prude diet works for me. i elaborate upon it in any way i get all screwed up.

    i tried atkins and my weight became gargantuan. (other diets also, even the raw food diet for land o’ lakes!)

    so i stopped. i guess i’m a PRUDE.

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