Cheese and tomato…crisps?

The toastie experience has gotten me thinking about how cheese and tomato is one of those u(be)r food combinations. I wonder where it comes from (surely it predates the Margarita pizza? Greek cheese – feta seems a likely contender for an early kind of cheese – seems to like cucumber better than tomato).

More interestingly: why is there no cheese and tomato flavoured crisp? We got the cheese and onion, the salt and vinegar, the straight tomato (oh, sweet childhood memories), but no cheese and tomato.

Instead, Heston Blumenthal is now getting himself involved in a bunch of new “gourmet” flavours in the UK: builder’s breakfast (think massive fry-up in a chip), fish and chips (as Charlie Brooker pointed out in the Guardian, a FISH crisp? Yuk), and (yawn) chilli and chocolate.

Speaking of chilli and chocolate, do yourself a favour and try this recipe for penne with chocolate and anchovy. I saw David Rocco making it on TV one day, and haven’t been able to get it out of my head since. I finally conjured it as part of a five-course extravaganza for my valentine this weekend, and it is good. Very good. Go on, you know you want to:


(I borrowed this picture from Rocco’s website, but only because this is exacty what mine looked like. The only tweak I committed was using a lot less chocolate than he recommends, more like 75g for a 2 person tasting portion, and that was enough. It was wonderfully sweet and salty and chilli and starchy. I’d eat it in a chip.)