How to make a brain

First, you bake a red velvet cake in a bowl, which you carve into a brain shape. (See, it’s as easy as learning SnapChat!)

Then you melt a bunch of marshmallows and mix them with a bunch of icing sugar until you can roll them into grey pink matter.DSC_0116 Now cut open your brain and slather on some cream cheese frosting and a lot of worms (because who doesn’t want to eat a worm-infested brain?).

Close it up, and get your mise en place going. Have a beer and take a deep breath (ideally with some nicotine in it).DSC_0118

Start applying pink matter with any small amount of precision you can muster. Drink more beer.

grey matter1

(Note that it may or make not actually make a difference to have a model brain in front of you while you work, but it probably helps.)
two brains

Slather with raspberry jam-flavoured blood, and voila!blood finished

Be sure to have some children around to freak out when you cut into it. And lots more beer.