Bong feeds thousands

This is funny (from USA Today):

‘Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps’ stumble over an alleged pot-smoking incident has been an apparent bonanza for the San Francisco Food Bank, the San Francisco Chronicle reports.

The multi-gold-medal winner got into hot water after a photograph surfaced showing him communing with a bong at a South Carolina fraternity party.

That prompted Kellogg’s to say it would not renew Phelps’ endorsement deal.

Then two weeks ago, the Food Bank suddenly received two tons worth of Corn Flakes and Frosted Flakes in boxes featuring Phelps’ toothy grin.

The newspaper says Kellogg’s declined to respond to inquiries about the cereal, but that the unexpected windfall for the Food bank is a “logical conclusion.”

Food Bank executive director Paul Ash says cereal is usually very hard to get as a donation. Besides, Ash says, the Food Bank regularly gets products “with packages that are no longer desirable.”

He also tells the Chronicle that the Phelps’ boxes are flying off the shelf — minus a few he kept back for souvenirs.’


It’s enough to give you the munchies.

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