Bodies in Motion

I remember, some years ago, being very intrigued by the title of a great film with Phoebe Cates (she of “Which one of you bitches is my mother?” fame). It was called Bodies, Rest & Motion, and the title intrigued me because when I first heard I thought it was called Bodies Rest in Motion, and that didn’t make any sense to me.

I’m now finding that the idea of bodies resting in motion makes a whole lot of sense. The other day I was talking to a good friend about inertia. She told me that the most important quality she looks for in people is a sense of going somewhere. Becoming something. A process (yes, Dr. Phil would call it “growing”).

She’s so right. We should surround ourselves with people who have an energy that actually goes somewhere, and that makes us want to go somewhere too. We don’t look for friends and partners so we can all curl up and die like old dogs together. We look – or we should look – for people who bring out the best in us. And when the best comes out, reciprocity happens all by itself. Not by duty, nor by social obligation, but because you want to give as much as you get.

That’s when you come home to yourself and begin to discover the point of it all. It’s in that movement that you find your rest. Like the last few lanes of a good swim when the muscles are supple and you feel you could keep going for ever, in slow but strong, steady strokes; just keep moving.

It’s an incredible thing to find the point of rest in motion. To realise after years of frowning that you don’t need to anymore. Not all the time, anyway. And to realise that there was a point, after all, to keeping a grandmother’s wedding dress.

There will be a time for tired old dogs to curl up together. But not yet.