Gone boating (and perhaps fishing)

If I were a (better) food blogger, I would have spent all yesterday evening taking pictures of the wonderful food we ate (again) at the much-loved Test Kitchen, and then all morning uploading them for you, dear reader, to drool over.

These pages would similarly be dripping with pictures of fantastic plates of fillet, osso buco, and even chicken (!) from our favourite local,  Societi Bistro, where we spend enough time eating that everyone really should know our names by now.

There might be a picture of a delicious little grilled sardine sampled recently on a sunny winter’s afternoon at La Boheme (before moving on to the much less successful new X-Men movie).

But that’s not how I roll, so if looking at pictures of food is your thing, then I can recommend heading on over to Tastespotting, and if looking at pictures of food spotted in restaurants gets you going, then head on over to Foodspotting (where you can even look at a picture of sirloin steak from Societi Bistro).

Instead I just eat and drink, and generally forget to update my blog, which is also the likely course of action for the next three weeks, when I will be on a boat, sailing from Maryland to North Carolina. So expect no pictures of (pre-lunchtime) gin and tonics, or crab cakes picked up along the way. I definitely won’t be sharing any of the pulled pork I plan to slather liberally in the general direction of my mouth (because that’s just pornographic!). Imagine it, if you must. Me, I’ll just be cruising.