The blue Cosmopolitan that was

I’ve been nurturing a craving for cosmopolitan(s). I blame the sun, which has been shining on Cape Town a most unusual amount this “winter”, and has caused more than one person to utter the words “spring has sprung” in the last two weeks. First spring, then summer, and before we know it, the silly season is upon us. That’s when bloody marys give way to cosmos, and red wine becomes an altogether silly idea (which is also why we are compelled to keep drinking it as we char braai our boerewors on all the hottest days of the year).

In silly season it’s also perfectly respectable to drink things the colour of nothing in nature. Oh wait, the sky is blue, right? (That’s “common knowledge” which doesn’t need to be referenced, as I tell students). And the sea, and the lakes. Until you bottle them, that is.

So with no triple sec in the house, but a bottle of blue curacao lurking at the back of the cupboard, out came the blue cosmo – in which there was happily no questioning the presence of vodka, I might add. Though I was rather expecting it to be purple, which is what I seem to remember happening when you mix something red with something blue, but then who am I to argue with the laws of curacao?

And as for the bloody laws of nature, today the skies have opened up again, so as the man in the sky pisses down on our heads, it’s back to bloody miss mary.

PS. I’m not complaining. I’m just saying…