Bloody Mary Survival Guide

If you plan to drink more than one in the time it takes for a litre of tomato juice to go off, do yourself a favour and pretend you’re a bar. In other words, do a major muddle.

Mix 1 l tomato cocktail with:

plenty tabasco

good glug of Worcestershire sauce

1 good pinch of grated horseradish

freshly squeezed lemon juice

a generous pinch celery salt

Maldon salt (or similar)

Freshly ground black pepper

(All adjectives denoting size/quantity are entirely subjective)

Shake up and keep in the fridge for a wonderful just-add-(to)-vodka convenience item.

For this gourmet version, add

I small slice of lemon

2 speared green olives (this works!)

1 trimmed stalk of celery, dusted with Old Bay seasoning.

I give you:

Bloody Mary.