Better for the eyes (and the belly)

OK, I apologize for having resorted to shock tactics in my previous post, but the in’ernet can be a mean place sometimes. Still, I’ll compensate with a few shots that are hopefully more inspirational. Here’s something delicious to do with the humble eggplant (inspired by this recipe for Japanese-style eggplants). Start by cutting them into chunks, which you then slice not quite through the skin (think of a chunky hasselback), and get some good colour going on a hot pan with a splash of olive oil:

You’ll want to turn the heat down soon enough, so they can cook evenly without getting too charred – 10-15 minutes or such. When they’re almost cooked (you don’t want brinjal mush, as lovely as baba ghanoush is, it’s not what we want here), add a little mixture of soya sauce, rice vinegar, a bit of sugar, and some sliced fresh chilli. Move them around so they’re nicely coated in the sauce, and put the lid on and give them another 5-10 minutes until you’re sure they’re done, and the sauce has reduced and started to become a bit sticky. At this point, they are pretty lovely and ready to go:

But life is always a little fresher with some greens, so if you’ve got a handful of herbs available (I used basil and parsley), finish with a flourish:

Lovely warm, or room temperature, with something like a nice piece of seared tuna, or a little chicken breast, or some ultra tender pork belly, why not.

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