Let the battle begin!

Courtesy of one dear friend (the sailorman) let loose in a Swedish food shop, we now have in our kitchen: Marshmallow Fluff, hard LICORICE-flavored ice-cream topping, essence of DRY GIN, TAR syrup, and one hot-smoked mackerel. (I didn’t include in the mise-en-place two cubes of guava puree which apparently need to meet the inside of a crepe stuffed with cheese, as I reckoned that would be too much WTF? for one humble photograph.)

So between us, cher lecteur: HTF to proceed?

(OK, I know what to do with a smoked mackerel. As Celia once put it in Weeds, “I am part Viking” after all. There must be horseradish). But the fluff? Well there are a whole lot of recipe for fluff “treats” out there, not to mention the iconic fluffernutter sandwich. But all that seems to me a rather boring application of a wonderfully tacky convenience product. And I will admit that I tried some sort of frozen mousse already – flavoured with Dry Gin Essence, naturally. That was pretty good, but I remain honestly befuddled by the idea of gin essence. The only real value I can see for it is if you are stuck on a desert wagon, with nothing but a dose of antibiotics, a tin of ice cold tonic water and a slice of lemon. That might work.

Which brings us to the licorice ice cream topping. Some of you may know that I have a predilection for licorice, and I was recently enamoured of the idea of licorice ice cream, a la Marcus Wareing. I’ve had a taste of this stuff, and quite frankly it obviates the need for Marcus Wareing (sorry, Marcus). It comes in a plastic bottle, it gets hard when you put it on something cold, and it tastes deliciously and properly salty.

But… somewhere, out there… lurks a cunning combination of all three: ginny, fluffy mousse with a licorice shell? Gin-licorice- sweetie pie? Heston: pay attention now: juniper + aniseed + superstable, supersweet, fluffy eggwhite? Somewhere in that no-brainer is a null hypothesis just waiting to be falsified. Let the battle begin!

(Oh, don’t forget the tar syrup. They say it’s smoky.)