Banting Bonanza!

Shame, I think 6K spoke for many of us when he was feeling understandably confused after the recent brouhaha about meat being dangerous (in fact *as* dangerous as smoking!). And then also not.


It’s not all doom and gloom though. In fact, if you listen very carefully, you can hear the faint but accelerating sound of Cape Town restaurants poising themselves to cash in on the Banting Bonanza. From The Foodbarn, where a tweeter tells us that ‘the revolution is getting stronger‘:


(We’ll just agree to overlook dessert here, which is bound to lead to both diabetes and cancer).

Moving swiftly along to the “Gordon Ramsay-approved eatery” Frères Bistro, kicking it up a notch with a *no* carb high fat menu:


It’s of course no surprise to see that Societi Bistro is also getting in on the action:


Well, why wouldn’t they? Good for them, being on point with the latest madness etc. What I find so utterly depressing about this is that it’s entirely possible to eat low or no-carb (or lo/no protein, or dairy, or whatever gets you going) at most restaurants, and it has been for years. I’ve been ordering salad instead of fries with my steak for probably the last twenty years. (And no, I am not #Banting. I just prefer to get my carbs from wine and chocolate). You just choose the stuff that works with how you want to eat, and/or ask the kitchen to make some adjustments, and most of them are perfectly happy to do so. (And while we’re at it, here’s another factoid: you don’t need a “Paleo” cookbook to not cook starch).

There are of course exceptions. If you don’t want to eat bread, then probably don’t go for pizza. Or wait:


Great. So assuming that it’s not a range of salads (which Col’cacchio already has) we’ve got #Banting carb-free pizza coming up. Ugh, like the fake sausages they fed us as vegetarians at school, which always irritated me because after having given up meat (a silliness I got over long ago), I didn’t want to eat something that tasted like meat.

But I guess the #Banting crowd want to have their pizza and eat it too.

OK, 6K, you win. I’m depressed too.