Awareness ice-cream: vote here for flavours

Cookies and Scream: ‘a creamy vanilla-based ice-cream with broken chunks of cookie that symbolise Darfurians’ broken lives’

Geno-mudslide: ‘a coffee-flavoured, mud-chocolate concoction’

Diplomatic Fudge: ‘a scrumptious toffee-flavoured ice-cream with fudge chunks, designed to raise awareness about Western dithering over Darfur’

Landmine Raspberry Ripple: this one is simply described as in ‘keeping with the ice-cream company’s love of all things English’

Neapolitan Dynamite: ‘a chocolate, vanilla and strawberry ice cream, will come with huge chunks of dynamite-shaped exploding candy that says ‘Made in China’ on it’

Courtesy of Spiked: go see for yourself (and don’t forget to check the date of publication. One of the better jokes out there)