Albuquerque, remembered

A little over two weeks ago I was taking leave of this strange landscape with a mixture of relief at going home and regret at leaving something I hadn’t had enough time to explore.

The landscape I came back to proved stranger than the one I was leaving, mostly because I was trapped in – or tripped into – one of those true resistential episodes where it is not enough that one thing goes wrong; all things conspire to get in your way. Planes are delayed. Luggage is lost. Cars die. Money runs out. Work looms. People disappear. And the appeal of being stuck in a shitty hotel room far away from it all suddenly becomes massive.

In conversation last night I was talking about how I sometimes envy the people whose lives I normally consider to be boring. The ones who follow (and choose to follow) a humdrum pattern of to work, to home, to table, to sleep and have the luxury of not too much thought in between. It is a luxury because taking stock of your life is an exhausting exercise, particularly when the stocktake shows negative returns.

But in the fashion of all things falling at once, when they rise – and from the bottom, they can only rise – it is the most tremendous overhaul, like my car ‘s engine, which now purrs. Humdrum is safe and its security should not be mocked. But damn, I would choose the rollercoaster ride any day. How else can you watch yourself become yourself?

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  1. Hi Signe,
    It’s Lebo here. I took your seminar on Society of the Spectacle in 2005 at UCT. I was quite bummed that I lost contact with you as you were one of my few favourite tutors. I really enjoyed the seminar and the Guy Debord book is the only text from university that I still re-read.

    All my friends know that i never thought the same way about things since that seminar. I still watch Oprah but I don’t want to be her anymore.

    I am currently in Korea doing time as an English teacher. I would love to keep contact with you. I enjoyed reading your blogs. I am a compulsive blogger myself with two blogs to boot, i shudder to think of the email is [email protected]


  2. just smarties on a bigger cake really.

    and i don’t mind the rollercoaster excepts when it flips me upside doowwn and then back up just for the ffflip.

    and think about it at least now you know what prefab sprout, sprouted about in that song – hot dog, jumping frog, Al…

  3. Nice, 302, smarties on a bigger (ice cream) cake. I like it.

    But the song, the song! Now you’ve planted it in my brain again. It will have to be a hotdog Friday.

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