A ‘Philosophical Reflection’ for the Day

from Brillat-Savarin:

‘Fish, taken collectively in all their species, offer the philosopher an endless source of meditation and surprise.

The various forms of these strange creatures, the sense which they lack, the limited powers of those which they possess, the influence on their habits of the element in which they live and breathe and move, all combine to extend the range of our ideas, and our understanding of the infinite modifications which may arise from matter, movement, and life.

For my part, I like to look upon them with a feeling akin to respect, born of the conviction that they are antediluvian creatures; for the vast cataclysm which drowned our great uncles eight hundred years after the creation of the world was a time of joy, conquest, and festivity for the fishes.’

Well, I don’t know if it’s the fishies that are a little sinister, or the great philosopher, but I think that calls for calamari.

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