A joke.

Approaching Frankenstein’s table, George thinks out loud, “I wonder what will happen if I pull this lever?”

Inspector Plod suggests that he had better not.

George: “Why not, I’m a born lever-puller”.

Get it? Lever-puller. Li-ver-pool-er. And George is of course none other than one of the long-gone Beatles, and the joke is in fact a scene from Yellow Submarine, which I watched this afternoon as a reward for getting to the end of my essays on a rainy Friday afternoon.

Actually it might not be George at all. The film requires only intermittent attention so I may have missed a detail. But definitely one of the gang. From Liverpool. The cheasy joke caught my attention. Particularly because it’s wrong, of course. We all know that people from Liverpool are called Liverpudlians.

But I guess it wouldn’t have been as funny for him to wonder if he should puddle the lever.

I can’t quite decide if the film was rewarding. But there were certainly very cool moments in it, not least to re-hear some of the old favourites from my (post-Woodstock-generation) hippie days. Those boys did have something going.