A friendly reminder

For any of you who – like me – may have forgotten to renew your car licences: do it! The tail end of my otherwise nice Friday night (there was chicken, whisky and dancing) was a not-so-friendly pink slip stuck on my car window this morning.

So many things to remember that are too easily forgotten: check the (distilled) water in the battery, check the brake fluid from time to time, pay your bloody licence. It’s the right thing to do.

You win some, you lose many. Not to mention the pain of having to get that nasty glue off the window (what IS that stuff? I believe it was designed to never really come off, they want you to drive around with a perpetual reminder of your offence, for all the world to see). Suk.

But the chicken was good.

Now to work, where being surrounded by fine wines for 7 hours may help to erase the image of miserable traffic cops doing their miserable rounds on Friday nights while the rest of us are sleeping sweetly, oblivious to their evil schemes.