6 Reasons Why Blogs Are Bad For Your Brain

Thanks to this post over at a blog called (rather authoritatively) Authority Nutrition, which details “6 Reasons Why I do Not Trust The Mainstream Health Authorities“, for providing me with 6 Reasons Why Blogs (perhaps especially those who have the word “authority” in the title) are bad for your brain. Let’s go through them one by one:

1. Many of Them are Sponsored by The Big Junk Food Companies

Summary: The Big Junk Food Companies only care about money, so they cannot be trusted. Plus, they “inform” people that sugar is not toxic to children.

Reason Why This Is Bad For Your Brain: Not trusting anyone who has profit motives is not a reasonable, useful, or realistic heuristic (seriously, good luck with that!). Yes, there may be some who have motives that are as evil as that toxic sugar. But guess what, not everyone is corruptible, and it doesn’t serve anyone to walk around with conspiracy glasses on all the time. Plus, sugar isn’t (that) toxic.

2. They Still Say That Saturated Fat Causes Heart Disease

Summary: This means they do not endorse my LCHF diet. Plus, the science.

Reason Why This Is Bad For Your Brain: Yes, before anyone asks, I have read the studies. But even without getting into the science, being asked to eat less of something is hardly a good reason for distrust. I’d be far more concerned if someone was asking me to eat more of something which may be harmful. (Cave people, I’m looking at you!)

3. The Ones Who Aren’t Sponsored By Food Companies Are Sponsored By Drug Companies

Summary: Drug companies actually conspire with food companies to make people sick. It is nothing short of a ‘crime against humanity’.

Reason Why This Is Bad For Your Brain: Yikes, it must be hard living in a world where everyone is out to get you. Kind of like being back in the paleolithic era, watching out for mammoths at every turn? See above, re. conspiracy theories.

4. They Say That Everyone Should Eat a Low-Fat, High-Carbohydrate Diet

Summary: This means they do not endorse my LCHF diet. Plus, the science.

Reason Why This Is Bad For Your Brain: Pointing to studies showing that following a low-fat diet does not decrease your chances of cancer or heart disease does not mean that low-fat is bad for you. Plus, there are sensible criticisms of and alternatives to what ‘They’ say. Harvard, for example, brought out a healthy eating plate to rival the latest USDA one. Anyone can go compare the two. And then modify according to personal preferences and needs. What are we anyway, robots?

5. They Actively Discourage People From Diets That Are Proven to Work

Summary: They do not encourage my LCHF diet. Plus, the science.

Reason Why This Is Bad For Your Brain: Because if all you go on is this, you may end up with the very wrong-headed idea that there is scientific data promising that in addition to wonderful weight-loss (not to mention bad breath and constipation), you will definitely not  die of a heart attack, or some other related “event”. No such data exists.

6. They Base Their Recommendations on Outdated Science

Summary: Sugar is toxic and gluten is bad for everyone.

Reason Why This Is Bad For Your Brain: Well, no. And to the idea that scientists in the service of ‘Them’ sit around playing table tennis while “real science” happens on Twitter is just insulting.

So, have I convinced you that blogs are bad for your brain?

I hope not. Because then you would have been convinced by some pretty shoddy, cherry-picked, straw-manny points.

To be fair, though, to Mr. Authority Nutrition: he seems like a nice guy, and he is of course entitled to believe whatever he wishes. But blog posts like his do no favours to those who might be convinced they don’t need to do any thinking for themselves.